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“We can only love

others as much as we

love ourselves.”


Brene Brown

Trauma, PTSD, EMDR

Trauma & Women’s Issues

There are so many unique issues that we as women face throughout our lifetime.  You don't need to experience a significant trauma to feel overwhelmed from the stress of daily life.  I strive to create a supportive environment to help you find balance in your life.  By developing skills and learning how to own your story, I will help you create an empowered life. 

EMDR for trauma therapy

Sometimes an event or trauma is so overwhelming that our minds struggle to process it.  We find ourselves replaying or reliving the traumatic event – often through nightmares or being triggered by similar situations.  EMDR stands for Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.  It’s a way to re-work or process stuck memories in a very natural way.  Making new connections within in your brain’s memory. 

While EMDR works well for significant trauma (ie. abuse, car accidents, loss), it can also help with those smaller events that keep you in a negative thought or behavior cycle.

Following EMDR, you will still remember the traumatic event but it won’t have the emotional charge attached to it anymore.  You’ll be able to finally let it go.  It will simply be an event.

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