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Cherry Tree

Sometimes you have to step outside of

the person you’ve been and remember

the person you were meant to be.

The person you want to be.

The person you are.

~ HG Wells

Individual Therapy

I believe that this life is meant for us to have experiences that will help us grow.   Unfortunately, some of those experiences are out of our control and the only choice we have is how we respond and cope with them.  Even some of the celebrated experiences that we consciously choose to bring into our lives, like marriage & job changes, can be overwhelming.  And when we don’t have the right skills to navigate through challenging times we run the risk of anxiety, depression, and a variety of other symptoms that keep us from living a happy life.  Those are the times that we need additional help from someone who has been trained to teach us how to cope with those challenges.


Some of the issues I work with are:



Boundaries & Co-dependency




Body Image

Loss & Grieving



Family Conflict

Parenting Skills

Anger Management

Social Skills

Individual Therapy: Service
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