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EMDR therapy
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When we are no longer able to change a situation.

We are challenged to change ourselves.


                                                                      Viktor E. Frankl

Celeste is so understanding and has helped me learn how to manage my emotions and increase my self-esteem.  She taught me how to step back and look at things with a healthier point of view.   My relationship with my family has never been better.


Celeste is an amazing therapist. From the first appointment I had with her she has changed my life and given me hope. She is very in tune and intuitive. Many times after listening to me she has made one comment that changed my thinking. I have recommended her to many friends because I trust her with their mental health as well as mine. She is a gifted therapist. I'm forever thankful that I found her.


I feel so lucky to have found Celeste.  I have been through several counselors and she made me feel so comfortable and safe right from the beginning.  I was able to finally process some traumatic events from my childhood and learn how to love myself.  I feel like I'm a better person, wife and mother.



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I would love to help you gain the awareness and tools you need to deliberately make a better life for yourself and improve your relationships.   Contact me and together we can start creating the type of life you want.




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